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The King is Advancing, and We're Following!

When the challenge goes out to Jesus' disciples to support kingdom movements around the world, His followers respond with outrageous generosity and sacrifice. I can testify to this truth because of what I've seen you, Waynesboro FM Church, do in the last few months.

Throughout August, we partnered with Training2Send and Equipping the Saints to collect bibles to support a rapid expansion of God's kingdom in West Africa. In the last six months alone, there have been over 4,000 new believers, 900 baptisms, 2,100 new disciples in training, and 63 new churches planted in Sierra Leone and Liberia. Being in the line of the Protestant Reformation, we believe every follower of Jesus ought to have access to God's word directly because it is God's word that can transform lives and make us whole. Therefore we joined the challenge to help collect 12,000 bibles to be distributed to new believers responding to the call of Jesus to follow Him.

Challenge Accepted!!!

Through your donations of bibles and financial support, we were able to collect exactly 100 bibles and all the funds needed to ship them! Praise God for His work through you, and thank you for being instruments of His grace and power!

As I've reflected on this work of God's mercy and grace, I keep coming to one thought that I want to leave you with, and it is this: keep your eyes on Christ, our Captor, and Captain, and know Him well enough to know what He's up to so that, when He moves, you're ready to follow in the procession of His victory, joining in the work He's so mercifully brought us into. An infinite God has, according to His wisdom that always amazes me, invited us into partnering with Him in His kingdom's advancement. Let us be about that work all day, every day until His kingdom has come on earth, as it is in heaven. Blessings!

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