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Just as God the Father did not spare His own Son, but rather generously gave Him over to death that we might undeservedly have life, we are to also generously give. In fact, the message of the Gospel is about God's gracious generosity. Because we believe the Gospel is not only a message to believe but an example to follow, we exhort every individual to give in each of the following areas.


One of the most valuable resources God gives us is time, an asset that can be easily wasted if not used for the right purposes. Seeing that our time on this earth is a gift from God and, for that matter, it is only but a vapor in the scope of eternity, we encourage each person to steward their time wisely. To so, it means we each must invest our time in things that are of vast eternal significance. To learn more about what it means to give of your time in our church's context, check out the next step: SERVE​.


Another great resource God has given each of us is various talents and spiritual giftings. Just like we can waste our time, failing to use our gifitings is wasting one of God's blessings in your life. Anything from the gift of administration to preaching and shepherding, all of our talents and giftings can be used for the benefit of the church to the glory of God. If you follow Jesus, God has given you at least one gift He can use in advancing His kingdom. To find out what your gifts are and how you can use them in our church, check out the next step: SERVE.


Another great blessing God has graciously given to each of us is money. Just as our time and talents can be wasted or used for eternal things, our earthly treasures can either be used for evil or great good. We believe the best thing you can do with your earthly treasures is to invest them in kingdom ministry. Doing so will yield an eternal reward beyond all comparison. We believe Jesus encourages each of us to give to Him at least 10% of all we receive. As our joy in Jesus grows, our generosity will grow. 

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