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More, More, More!!!

"More, more, more!!!" This sounds like a pushy sales ad for a buy two, get five free of flex tape. In another context, it's the cultural air we breathe for "more" influence, wealth, popularity... you name it... it's an exhausting and never-ending endeavor. Forget about those contexts for a second, and consider the way the Apostle Paul encourages "more!" In 1 Thessalonians 4, twice he commends the church in Thessalonica for two things they're doing well in: (1) living for and pleasing God [4:1], and (2) familial love to brothers and sisters in Christ [4:9-10]. After each, though, he encourages them to "do this even more" (4:1, 10). To paraphrase, "You're doing well at living to please God and loving the Church; keep pressing on for more and more and more." This encouragement isn't intended to be an unreachable carrot before us reminding us we'll never "arrive," though it does indicate that there's no finish line for pleasing God or loving the brothers and sisters. Nor is this a request to improve on something that is lacking--they were doing both, which means we can be walking in obedience to God, and then be challenged to "do this even more." Paul’s command is one of refusing complacency, which means a smug satisfaction with where or how you are with no conviction of the need to press onward always. Do this even more” also never puts an end to the command; it never mentions a state or time in which the believer has finally “arrived” and therefore no longer needs to do these things “even more.” The believer is to always continue in more living to please God and loving their Church family. Love is an infinite attribute of God, which can never be exhausted.

Increase in living for and pleasing God. Love one another even more!

How, you might ask? That's where a personal relationship with Holy Spirit can help inspire new ideas and empower more works. Pray and listen to see what He leads you in. Blessings!

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