Equipping you to lead yourself and/or your family in an intentional time of praise, prayer, and study.

Hey Church Family!

Pastor Scott here and unfortunately we are cancelling our in-person gathering on January 31, 2021 due to inclement weather, and I will deeply miss joining together with you all. Even though we cannot gather together, I still believe we should all set time aside Sunday morning to pursue God in praise, prayer, and study of God's word. Therefore, I want to equip you with some helpful resources for you to use to lead yourself individually or to lead your whole family in an "at home" gathering where you read, pray, sing, and hear God's word preached. I hope God uses these resources to stir your affections for Him and His mission around the world to the glory of His name and the exaltation of Jesus. Grace and peace!

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Let's make sure you're caught up on some key things happening in WFMC

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Membership Meeting Postponed

The membership meeting originally scheduled for Jan. 31 has been rescheduled for February 7, 2021 following the service. You can pick up absentee ballots in the office throughout the week if you cannot attend. The meeting will be available via ZOOM; email for the meeting link.


Spend some time reading through, meditating on, and praying over the passage below and respond to the questions individually or as a family

PSALM 61:1-4

God, hear my cry;
pay attention to my prayer.
I call to you from the ends of the earth
when my heart is without strength.
Lead me to a rock that is high above me,
for you have been a refuge for me,
a strong tower in the face of the enemy.
I will dwell in your tent forever
and take refuge under the shelter of your wings. Selah

Personal Response Questions:

1) In what areas of your life do you believe your heart is without strength? What is the evidence?

2) What does it mean to ask God to "lead me to a rock that is high above me?"

3) In what ways have you been hiding in God our refuge and strong tower? In what ways have you not?

Family Response Questions:

If you are leading your family, ask them these questions:

1) What is a refuge? What does it mean then that God is a refuge for us?

2) How do we get to be with God in His "tent" forever?

Pray (Together)

Based on these answers, spend some time in prayer using the PRAY prayer guide below.

Praise: Worship God for who He is and thank him for what He's done.

Repent: Confess your sin to God and repent, lament what's broken, question your circumstances, and call on God's justice against evil.

Ask: Petition for specific needs in your life and intercede for others' needs.

Yield: Submit your life to following Jesus wherever and however He leads you.



Spend some time singing along with these songs where you are.

Here are some songs for the kids

Give Sacrificially


Even though we cannot come together, we have an avenue for you to still give your offering to the Lord in support of His ministry in and through WFMC. Click the button below to give your offering one time or to set up a recurring donation.

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Here you have several options to get into God's word. If you have kids you want to lead as well, check out some of the kids videos posted below.

Take a look back at WFMC's past sermons and tune into one you either missed or made a huge impact on your life when you first heart it. Or...

Check out the most recent Bible Study video aired this past week.

For the Kids

If you're looking for something to lead your kids in, check out these videos for kids from Theo Presents, a series of gospel-centered videos aimed at making Big Theology understandable for little kids.

Thanks for using these resources!

I pray this has been convicting, encouraging, and challenging for your relationship with Jesus! Love, grace, and peace to you!

~ Pastor Scott